• Receive MTA from subscriber institution
  • Request MTA from subscriber institution


  • Process both inbound and outbound MTAs automatically
  • Use industry standard MTA templates
  • Customizable workflow

Automated Material Transfer Agreements

MTAShare™ is a comprehensive, automated system for rapidly creating, processing, executing, and managing MTAs through a browser-based web portal. MTAShare utilizes nationally recognized and accepted standardized MTA templates in the automated creation of MTAs, significantly reducing drafting and negotiation time.

Pioneering the Material Transfer Agreement

Video courtesy of Web of Stories with special permission by Dr. Leonard Hayflick.

Key Benefits of MTAShare

  • Shorter MTA transaction times
  • Cost savings in MTA processing & management
  • Increased feedback and tracking
  • Reduced researcher frustration
  • Fewer opportunities for error
  • Archival record

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